Since my graduate studies I‘ve been especially interested in structural dynamics and earthquake engineering. I started my professional career in the academic research on these topics, During my three year tenure at a well known consultant office in Switzerland I spezialized in earthquake engineering and vibrations. Upon my return to Vienna I worked at a renowned civil engineering office. I was able to strengthen and deepen my specialized knowledge while attending numerous courses and seminars. Since 2015 I have been teaching statics and structural theory at the departments of Timber Engineering and Environmental Engineering of the Higher Technical School Moedling. I opened my own practice as a consulting engineer in January 2017.

My focus is on earthquake engineering and structural dynamics. But without the basic principles of statics and mechanics of materials, it´s almost impossible to understand the complex response of structures to dynamic actions and to simulate it by means of practical models. Therefore and thanks to my experience in classical structural engineering my business activity includes static calculations for structures of reinforced concrete, masonry, steel and timber.


My practice conforms to the following standards: high and consistant quality, cost effectiveness and sustainability. Furthermore I foster a close client relationship. I’m your expert for earthquake engineering, statics and construction.
Thanks to my professional network I´m happy to include consultants in special areas of your project. In the fields of earthquake engineering, structural dynamics and engineering seismology it´s possible to elaborate offers as a joint venture either with the well-known Dynamics-Expert Prof. Dr. Rainer Flesch or with the Swiss consultant engineering office Résonance, which specializes in these areas.

Curriculum Vitae